by Gordon Ettie

“What are the differences and similarities of the various energy sources, both renewable and non-renewable? This is just one of the key energy questions the author explores in the new book Power Plug-In. Knowing how to pick the winners and losers in the energy race may make the critical difference in exploring new ways to optimize existing energy sources and open the door to an exciting energy future.”
Tim Anderson, PhD
Distinguished Professor, University of Florida
Director, Florida Energy Systems Consortium
Gainesville, Florida

“Power Plug-In is a useful view of the dynamic energy landscape. The author, as an engineer, CEO and investor examines each energy source—its origin, history, contribution to standards of living, cost, and effects it has had on economics, technological development, and growth and offers solid guidance for anyone looking to participate in this exciting area.”
Scott I. Oakford,
Managing Partner
Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners
Stamford, Connecticut

“Power Plug-In is a great overview of energy resources and the honest challenges facing their development. This book takes a broad look at all energy sources in the production of electricity and fuel for transportation. The author also provides a strategic plan for the best use of both research and financial resources for the future.”
Barry Moline
Executive Director
Florida Municipal Electric Association
Tallahassee, Florida

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