Power Plug-In – Energy Guide to the Future

Energy and Electric Power — after food and shelter are the most powerful drivers for both individual success and global progress.  Until quite recently, early 19th century, wood, candles and animal dung were used to create fire that was the only energy source in use.

When electricity was harnessed by invention of the electric motor and then when electricity was linked to magnetism and light, the industrial revolution began.  This also resulted in many society advancements due to the low cost of electricity mostly from coal.  This use of low cost energy and power resulted in environmental issues.

Because of other developments in transportation, living standards and in governments more energy was needed.  This energy came mostly from coal and also oil.  Coal is abundant but the easier used energy source, oil is concentrated in areas that might be unstable in the future.  It is to the world’s best interest to have alternate energy sources for society improvements and to address environmental concerns.

This book analyzes in an easy to read format the history, costs, viability along with the pros and cons and environmental impact of each currently known energy source.  There is much miss-information available to all of us on different energy sources.  So much so that we have become inured to trying to understand which path to take for our energy sources.  To determine what to do in the future we have to know what the history is and what we are doing in the present.  Only then can we make decisions on what to do in the future.  This is the core purpose of this book, a guide to the energy future.

In order to be purchased, read and understood, the book has to be written in a very understandable style.  Each chapter on the different sources of energy will have easy to read graphs and discussions about this form of energy and what is happening in the present and what might happen in the future.

The information supplied will be as un-biased as possible with no axe to grind.  The book will be of interest to anyone who will be touched by the cost and supply of energy and subsequently power in the form of electricity.

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