Objective of this conference was to have papers and discussions to measure CO2 emissions and how to use technical methods to reduce these CO2 emissions.  The majority of the presentations referred to these CO2 emissions as Green House Gases or in short GHG.  There was much discussion about to really determine how much CO2 is emitted a life cycle analysis (usually referred to as determine emissions for everything from cradle to grave) is required.  However there were very few presentations that determine CO2 with a life cycle analysis which should include the construction of the facility.  There was one about construction of a bridge and the emission of CO2 in the construction of this bridge.  Units of emission per time were not clear.

Many presentations and discussions were about Carbon Capture Sequestration or in short CCS.   Even forecasts were made saying that CCS was assumed for their forecasts.  But there is not one proven process that proves CCS can be achieved and what CCS would cost.  There are demonstration plants being installed to determine this but are not operating yet.

Carbon Management Technology Conference

Web Site is. www.carbonmgmt.org

Feb 7 – 9

Caribe Royale Hotel & Convention Center

Orlando, Florida, USA

This conference is sponsored by all the major engineering organizations such as American Institute of Chemical Engineers(AIChE), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Institute of Electrical and Electronics (IEEE), and other engineering organizations along with ExxonMobile, Saudi Aramco and Carbon Management Canada.

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