Inside the Energy Future

by Gordon Ettie

It is clear that we need knowledge about the different sources of energy both natural occurring and what is termed renewable.  This knowledge is needed to determine not only our future needs, but to determine the strategies to fulfill those needs. This is a universal project. It concerns and must therefore involve everyone.

What is at stake is potentially a massive future shift. That’s why it is critical that everyone—regardless of their role in the economic tableau, inform themselves about energy. Information leads to preparedness and preparedness leads to successful adaptation when change comes.  Are we all informed and ready for another revolution or perhaps another undreamed of source or game changer that causes another civilization change?  This is what happened with the industrial revolution!

In this decade, with the growth of Internet information channels, we all have been overwhelmed by massive amounts of often confusing, conflicting, or overly technical information concerning the different sources of energy currently readily available. Much of this information from private and public sources is biased and may not be accurate.

Having all this information has inured us from trying to understand.  Our ability to sort this information out to make informed decisions is affected. What should we do or what we should plan to do?  How do we select from the information available and make the important choices and decisions that will affect not only our short term future but the long term future of generations to come?

Inside the Energy Future

And this is the core purpose of this book. It is a guide to the future.  Not only will this book serve as a unique source of information, but the majority of the proceeds from this book will be dedicated to setting up scholarships primarily in engineering, for study in the energy field—in the belief that a well prepared future generation is one of our best tools to ensure continued innovation, growth and prosperity.

In determining what will come in the future we have to study the past and present to see what opportunities could present themselves.  This is the object of this book—to offer data and information on each possible current energy source and the means to convert this energy into power.

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