The following comment on an article in EnergyBiz Insider about the government loan guarantees for so called renewable energy such as wind and solar is very true.  This does not even include the almost $1.0 Trillion of government subsidies for alcohol from corn that gets you less mileage when this alcohol is mixed with gasoline to produce gasohol!

“The oil, gas, and coal industries get deductions from income for things such as depreciation, exploration expenses, and devaluation of the mineral rights they purchased as the minerals are extracted thus making that particular mineral right less valuable.  But, as others have pointed out, they still pay income taxes which in many cases amount to more than their after-tax profits by a considerable margin.  Windfarm and solarfarm developers get a handout to them of taxpayer dollars in the form of cash grants or production tax credits and get to depreciate their capital investment at an accelerated pace as well as take other deductions similar to any industrial firm including the oil companies.

If you research a few studies on the environmental and cost impacts of green energy technologies, you will find actual results from Europe, where there has been heavy investment in wind, that  indicate wind costs considerably more than fossil power when all factors are considered and you will also find it does virtually nothing to decrease CO2 emissions because of the necessity to run fossil fueled power plants at part load to back them up due to the high variability of output and frequency control issues as well as make power when the wind is not blowing.

By the way, the fossil energy industries are investing heavily in green techonology to get the tax credits to decrease their tax bills which means anyone not involved in green energy shoulders a larger portion of the tax bill.  One also must consider the life enhancing benefits that electrification has brought to the world.  Try reading Climate Coup and Climate of Extremes to provide balance to EPA’s numbers-out-of-thin air adverse impacts and Al Gore/Michael Moore BS.”

Also read Power Plug-In to get an understanding of the different energy sources.

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