Mission Statement

by Gordon Ettie

Our Vision is to develop up-to-date information on current energy sources

Mission Statement

Our mission is to gather together in one central location the most up-to-date information on all energy sources currently in use to make an educated choice for our best energy future.

You need energy truths to benefit you!

Do you know the true information of different sources of energy?  What will be the future costs and availability of each energy source?  What about the transmission of it and the storage of it?  What about its impact on the environment?

We plan to publish a book that will supply all the answers to these questions.    At Energy Scienomic, Inc. – we have put together a team of business people, academics and technical people to gather accurate data for all the energy sources, the transmission of this energy and its storage.

We will supply this data by various means, not just in our forthcoming book, but also through;  web Sites – www.powerplug-in.com and www.energyscienomic.com, a blog, magazine articles, lectures, videos, television programs and other communicating media.

Every $50 donation or greater will receive a complementary copy of the limited color edition of Power Plug-In.

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