Energy Sources

by Gordon Ettie

Energy Storage

All storage methods use some type of rare materials and all electric motors that would use this storage of electricity. Hence we need to know more about these materials. See the following papers by one of Energy Scienomic’s advisors, Gareth P. Hatch, Ph.D., Director of Technology at Dexter Magnetic Technologies:
1. Going Green: The Growing Role of Permanent Magnets in Renewable Energy
Production and Environmental Protection
– presentation slides – Download Going Green

2. Running the Gauntlet: Rare Earths, Specialty Metals and Turf Wards Inside the
– paper –

3. US Rare Earths, Inc: A Discussion with Ed Cowle and Jack Lifton
– transcript – Download Rare Earths

4. The Concerted European Action on Magnets: A Model for Facing the Rare Earths
– paper – Concerted European Action

5. Recent Developments in Permanent Magnet Gear Systems & Machines – presentation slides – Recent developments in permanent magnet gears

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