Power Plug-In Preface

by Gordon Ettie


About Me

I am a career engineer, investor and business leader in the energy field. My bio gives you the formal data, but I would like to share some of the more informal and personal things about me – the things that got me really mad, then motivated, and finally drove me to spend well over a year in research, travel and in the writing of this book, Power Plug-In.

I’m not only familiar with the whole topic of energy; I’ve devoted my lifelong career to it. I’ve made a lot of successful investments in the field for myself and others. I have been on boards of prestigious companies and advised them as they made critical decisions in the highly technical and competitive world of energy and, if that isn’t enough, I’ve been an advisor to entrepreneurs and start-ups all looking for a share of the growing energy market. Energy has been and continues to be a successful and significant part of my life.

But I just could not sit by and not speak up when every day more and more misinformation about our energy situation floods the media and Internet and pours across my desk.  Are we about to run out of energy?  How viable are green energy sources?  How dangerous are some energy options?  How are our domestic energy needs influenced by global forces?  How should we vote on energy issues?  Can we afford to develop some energy sources and not others?  Where should we invest our own energy funds – both tax dollars and personal discretionary dollars?

And every interest group has their own answer to these and thousands of additional energy questions. The one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that we have an energy dilemma. What no one can agree on is how to solve it.  And so every day we are flooded with information reflecting dozens of different points of view.

About you

As the reader of this book, you are interested in investing and doing the right thing.  You figure that since we all use energy every day and that the demand for energy will not go away any time soon, you need to know whether energy is a good investment and where you should put not only your personal energy investment dollars, but how you should vote to influence the spending of your tax generated investment dollars.

But there’s more to you than just the money part. You’re also interested in keeping your environment as safe and as clean as possible for your children, grandchildren and their future. You are a responsible and caring consumer when it comes to energy. You are interested in conservation and in the most efficient use of energy resources. You are politically aware and concerned that worldwide events may impact negatively on both the price and availability of the uninterrupted energy we all enjoy today.

About this book

That is why I wrote this book Power Plug-In. By the time you turn the last page you’ll have a really good idea of all the different energy sources available and which ones are your best bets for investment.  Every chapter is dedicated to a specific source of energy – and Mother Nature has been very generous because there are lots of energy sources that we can develop, produce, transport, and ultimately invest in. Every energy source in the book will be explained in an easy to understand format.  You will be given a list of the pros and cons of investing in that particular energy source. There are lots of my own personal experiences and successes to illustrate each chapter and for those of you who love charts, graphs and pictures, there are plenty of those too.

Now this book is going to get a lot of people talking. Why? Because I’m stepping outside the box here to really make a strong statement about where we should be putting our own investment dollars and also how we should direct our political leaders to invest our tax dollars.

Another group that is already starting to buzz about the book are the scientists – each with their own approach. Some may think it is not scientific enough.  This book isn’t a science textbook; it’s a strategic guide to an investment strategy.

As for me, everything I’ve written in this book I have personally experienced. There’s a great story about how at a very young age I read about the power in a glass of water to propel an ocean liner. Some might observe that the science needs clarification, but I say it was that glass of water and the energy promise locked inside that dazzled my imagination and led me to an interest in chemistry and nuclear power. There’s a story about my personal sailing adventures along the beautiful Florida coastline where I saw for myself the pollution caused by some energy sources, a story about an island that tried to harness an energy source and had to abandon its idea because it failed, and there’s a story about how I personally felt the heat of an energy source as old as the earth itself when I descended into the depths of a mine.

There is one more thing that you will take away after reading this book.  Besides some very solid information that will make you a smarter energy investor, you will also come away with the realization that despite all the disparate voices, one unassailable fact is true – energy is global and any energy solution must also be global.

I hope you enjoy the book and profit from it.  All proceeds of sales of this book go to the non-profit corporation, Energy Scienomic, Inc. that will distribute scholarships and financial aid to students who take technical and business courses relating to energy.

Gordon Ettie
Miami  2011



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