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by Gordon Ettie

Power Plug-In: Global Investments for Our Energy Future and Solutions to Our Energy Dilemma is a daring and controversial book which takes a very cold clear look at the impact current energy sources have had on our world  and offers educated analysis and recommendations for future investment in global energy development and research.

Energy dependence is destroying our world. That’s the problem. Energy independence can save it. That’s the solution. How to construct the global bridge between these two seemingly distant and unreachable points and how to make the best investment decisions to ensure the continuation of the flow of energy are the dual goals of this book.

Consider the traditional sources of energy—coal, oil, nuclear, gas, and their centuries of influence on the global village and its societies. Each of these has brought enormous wealth and technological development but at a tremendous cost—the erosion of the substructure of the very world we are trying to improve.

The big question is, can we as a world society continue to grow and develop using the energy sources currently available to us with all their environmental, economic, and dwindling supply or do we need to accelerate our search for a truly international approach to energy? And equally important where should precious investment dollars be allocated for the future. The answers, which will be as surprising as they are controversial, will be found in Power Plug-In: Global Investments for Our Energy Future

Power Plug-In offers a radical and debate-stirring proposal for our energy future  and proposes a bold solution which lies not in narrow national projects but in a wide reaching global cooperation.

The author, an expert in both energy and investments who has spent his entire career in the energy industry first as an engineer, then as a CEO and finally as a major financial player and investor examines each energy source and offers his educated analysis and recommendations for future investment in global energy development and research for both individual and organizational investors.

This is an energy book that will make a difference.

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